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Life Operations

The DMI team has curated a collection of resources focused on navigating the fundamental processes critical to the operation of an agency. These documents will guide you through many of the questions you face each and every day about carrier capabilities, policy and procedure across Contracting, Commissions, New Business, Policy Service and Carrier Illustration Software.

  • eResources Summary – An overview of the carrier community’s capabilities across all modern, electronic application and new business processes
  • eApp & eTicket Details – A summary of the various proprietary and third-party platform for electronic application and drop ticket submissions
  • eInterview & Phone Interview Details – Contains the details of each carrier’s offering as well as the contact information, operating hours and more
  • ePolicy & eDelivery Details – Everything you need to know to issue and place a policy electronically
  • eSignature & Voice Signature Details – Slightly different than the prior resources, this summarizes carrier position on accepting various types of documents via an electronic or voice signature
  • Illustration Software Access – A guide to accessing carrier illustration software via download and local install, web-based software and mobile apps
  • In Force Policy Service Details – A guide to accessing information on in force policies, including in force ledgers and more
  • Internal Replacement Rules – A summary of the carriers’ internal replacement rules, including details on existing policy surrender charges
  • Term Insurance Policy Fees – An overview of term insurance policy fees, including if they are commissionable.
  • Annualization – A summary of which carriers pay comp up front & their specific requirements.
  • Chargeback Policies – This spreadsheet reflects the chargeback durations of each major carrier (including some “Non-Core” Carriers) along with a quick reference section on upline chargeback responsibility.
  • Commission Calendar – Producers love knowing when their commission check is coming. Use this resource to let them know when the cash will hit their bank.
  • Commission on Flat Extras – A summary of current Core Carrier policy regarding the payment of commissions on flat extra premiums.
  • Incentive Trips – A quick reference covering the currently available Incentive Trips
  • Rolling Target Details – Self-explanatory, this spreadsheet reflects all major carriers (including some “Non-Core” Carriers) which allow rolling targets and the duration of the rolling period for each.
  • Target Premium Locator – Identifies the “hidden” locations of target premiums on product illustrations from each Core Carrier.
  • Dual Appointment Details – Curious if a carrier allows a producer to be appointed through multiple agencies? Find the answers here!
  • E&O Insurance – Use this quick reference to identify the AIN Core Carriers that offer E&O coverage for contracted producers.
  • Pre-Appointment States – A summary of the pre-appointment states for each AIN Core Carrier
  • 1035 Exchange Policy Issue Details – Curious about your options for issuing policies on cases with 1035 Exchanges? Get started unpacking the nuances with this new resource from the Member Services Team.
  • Acceptable Premium Payment Options – Have a client who wants to pay with a credit card? This resource, summarizing the acceptable forms of premium payment for the AIN Core Carriers, will point you to the right carrier.
  • Core Carrier Case Submission Methods – Includes the current email addresses, fax numbers and web sites for QuickQuote, Informal and Formal case submissions, as well as Agent Contracting.
  • eApp and eTicket Details – A summary of the current Drop Ticket and electronic application capabilities at the AIN Core Carriers
  • List Bill & Government Allotment Details – A document detailing list bill & government allotment information from the AIN Core Carriers.
  • Reinsurance and Retention – This document details each Core Carrier’s Internal Retention, Auto-Bind and Jumbo Limits
  • HIPAA(in Word format) – This must be used to authorize DMI and the Insurance Carrier to get any medical records necessary for the purchase of life insurance.
  • Informal Inquiry – If you need assistance adding your company’s logo on this document please contact Kimberly Marcella.