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Life Product

DMI has curated resources focused on navigating product offerings from our Core Carriers. These documents pin-point the Core Carriers in your market and the nuances of that offering. For a deeper dive into this information, contact your sales VP.

  • Child Rider Details – A summary of the available Child Riders by carrier
  • Life insurance in Qualified Plans – A summary of current Core Carrier policy and procedure regarding the sale of life insurance products in qualified plans. Now includes carrier position on Defined Benefit and 412 plans.
  • Older Age Product & Rate Class Details – Working on a truly “older age” client? Pop this resource open to gain an understanding of carrier policy and procedure for clients over age 80
  • New York Products By Carrier – Have a “New York state of mind”? Keep track of what you can and can’t sell in New York with this resource
  • Premium Deposit Accounts – Premium Deposit Accounts are becoming a more important part of the case design process to improve performance, accommodate large non-mec lump sums or both. Check out the parameters for the Core Carriers captured in this new resource.
  • Product State Availability by State – Stay up to date on where recently launched products are approved for sale with links to carrier state approval details
  • Product Types By Carrier – Increase your knowledge of the breadth of products available from the DMI Core Carriers with this quick summary sheet
  • Terminal Illness Rider Details – Qualification and terms regarding acceleration of death benefits due to a terminal illness diagnosis
  • Whole Life Dividend Rate Crediting History – A historical overview of dividend interest rates for key whole life carriers
  • Available Riders Permanent Products – A summary by Core Carrier of the various riders available on permanent products.
  • High Early Cash Value Rider Details – Includes a brief description of the relevant terms and conditions governing the use of high early cash surrender value riders
  • Loan Rescue: 1035 Exchanges with an Outstanding Loan – While the true “loan rescue” products of the past are close to extinction, there are many sales to be had if we can find more favorable terms for a heavily loaned contract. This resource will get you headed in the right direction from a carrier and product standpoint.
  • Premium & Face Amount Limits: Permanent Products – A summary of current Core Carrier limits on premiums and face amounts, if applicable
  • Premium Finance Guidelines – A summary of the AIN Core Carrier’s minimum requirements for Premium Finance cases. Given the complexity of this subject, a quick call to the Member Services Team is recommended as well before submitting a case formally or informally.
  • Return of Premium Rider Details – Return of Premium features add flexibility and open up insurance planning conversations instead of simply taking the order. Keep tabs on the nuances of these riders with this spreadsheet.
  • Whole Life Product Selection Tool – Use this tool to break down New York Life & MassMutual’s Whole Life product spectrum and identify the best product for the client’s objective, including model illustrations with client inputs for each design.
  • Executive GI SI Guidelines – The corporate-owned and white-collar multi-life markets are growing based on the need for effective, tax-favored savings vehicles for high income earners. Use this resource to understand program parameters from each of the AIN Core Carriers.
  • Juvenile Product Availability – A summary of the products available for sale to those under the age of 18
  • Middle Market SI Product Details – A snapshot of the Simplified Issue products available from the AIN Core Carriers. Focuses on modest face amounts and products that are priced to accommodate up to Table 4 risks at a Standard underwriting class, where speed and convenience are more important than price.
  • Final Expense Product Details – A quick summary of the pertinent details around the Core Carrier’s Final Expense offerings.
  • Available Riders: Term Products – A summary by Core Carrier of the various riders available on term products.
  • External Term Conversion Programs – With all the consolidation and changes to conversion privileges in our business, these External Term Conversion programs can represent a more comfortable landing spot for clients seeking alternatives to the issuing carrier’s offering.
  • Premium & Face Amount Limits: Term Products – A summary of current Core Carrier limits on premiums and face amounts, if applicable
  • Term Conversion Privileges – A summary of the current term conversion privileges by carrier.
  • Term Face Reductions – Just how “manageable” is Term Insurance? Great question, and this reference focused on the rules around future face amount reductions to keep a client’s coverage in line with their needs can help you find the right carrier for your next case.
  • Term Insurance Policy Fees – An overview of term insurance policy fees, including if they are commissionable.